21 Nov 2017 Royal Park, Mauritius

Construction of the Club House Has Launched

Royal Park is proud to announce the kick off of Club House project this Friday 14th of November. By the 14th of November 2015, Royal Park will boast a magnificent Club House of 1000m2 at the west gate entrance of the estate.

Whilst housing the resort’s reception, the Club House will provide owners and residents with a wide array of facilities, services and conveniences, including top-notch concierge services, a restaurant and a bar. The fitness fanatics will also find their Garden of Eden with our 25m long swimming pool, tennis courts, state of the art fitness centre, aerobic and zumba facilities will be available in the long run; a real bliss in the temple of well being.

In terms on project management, we have put in place a team of experienced professionals to manage all technical aspects of the project effectively and efficiently. In addition, we have an internal Quality Management team who are responsible for assessing the construction works and ensuring high quality delivery across the project. This is complemented by a logistics service for our suppliers in order to ensure the least disruption to the residents.

We are investing in the long term to ensure that owners and guests at Royal Park enjoy all of the facilities without delay.