21 Nov 2017 Royal Park, Mauritius

Forbes Patrick Mavros on choosing Island Living

I moved to Mauritius from Zimbabwe, I had visited the island as a child on family holidays and it was the first real beach holiday we had. I have lots of friends in Mauritius and it is very familiar to me. While my father and brothers are still in Zimbabwe working on silver sculptures, myself and my wife are here making jewellery.

There is skilled labour in Mauritius and an existing jewellery industry, it is a beautiful place to live and work. Our products always have a story, we like to base our creativity in a place that means something to people-destination is a big part of our brand. I love the natural beauty, we are inspired by nature and that’s very evident in our work. The Mauritian people are a genuine and welcoming nation as a whole, being a people’s person that was very appealing. It was the beautiful environment and the human resources elements that drew me to the island.

Mauritius is a standalone tropical island, everything is in one place. The beaches, tropical rainforest – it’s a one stop tropical island. Mauritius is sophisticated compared to other places, there is golfing and plastic surgery- it’s very advanced. I genuinely believe it offers more than any other island – even the Caribbean. It is a fully functioning county that has everything-it is the Switzerland of tropical islands.

I could count the restaurants on one hand, Palais de Chine in Grand-Bay, they have a world famous ginger crab served by the owner himself Monsieur Robert – a favourite of Jacques Chirac. A great Indian is the Happy Rajah also in Grand-Bay owned by Chef’s from southern India and is an institution in its own right. For the ultimate romantic evening there is Le Barachois, the floating restaurant, dinner under the stars in the Lagoon makes for the perfect night. My home, Poste Lafayette on the east coast of Mauritius. There is nothing between us and the west coast of Australia. We are in the top ten areas for air quality, we wake up in the morning with the fresh Indian breeze.

My business has progressed through nothing short of hard work, determination and creativity. It is rewarding in the sense that it is all outdoor living, I love the environment and the outdoors – that’s the beauty of Mauritius. I sit designing jewellery from my veranda which is overlooking the Indian ocean – work and enjoyment are one and the same thing. We walk down to the beach and pick up a seashell, I am inspired by our surroundings. The nature of our work allows us to have time of which we are blessed.