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Changes at Royal Park with new Management

With all the changes happening at Royal Park both in terms of new construction and project releases as well as an extensive international branding and lead generation campaign, a new Sales and Marketing Director has been appointed that will lead all these new initiatives. We spoke to him to find out his background and how he sees Royal Park

How long have you been in real estate?

I started working in real estate in 2006 in The Balearic Island of Spain where I worked with some friends who are investors. I then moved to Dubai in 2007 where I worked for Engel and Voelkers as a sales consultant. I then started a company with a former client called Luxhabitat that focused on selling high-end property (above USD 1,500,000). After this I setup a real estate company called Kendal and Co that I later bought into it. We offered the same high level of service to all clients regardless of budget. I then immigrated back to South Africa and joined Tyson Properties in Cape Town which is owned by my cousin Chris Tyson. When the opportunity arose to move to Mauritius and start with Royal Park I jumped at it. All in all I have worked for more than 12 years in 3 different countries in 3 very different regions of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Now I am excited to work in my fourth market, Mauritius.

What aspect of real estate are you most passionate about?

I love the design of interior spaces and imagining from paper how a room will look once built and how it will feel to live in. I am most impressed by layouts that are both practical and aesthetically appealing. I also have a passion for clever designs in tight spaces and find it fascinating how interior designers and architects can make such good use of small spaces with the clever use of different levels, custom furniture and partitions.

What is it that attracted you to Royal Park?

The number one thing was the layout of the Sandpiper and Benares homes. I have seen a vast number of developments and layouts in my 12 years and this layout for me is certainly the best. I love the open plan living spaces with the bedrooms privately tucked away. The covered outdoor patio is perfect for creating a large indoor-outdoor living space once the sliding doors are fully opened and this is perfect for enjoying the fantastic weather that Mauritius offers. And any house where you can wake up, open the door and flop into your pool in less than 5 steps is always going to be a winner for me. Of course, the amount of open space and the enormous park is a very close second. So few project internationally leave this amount of space open and it really creates a fantastic opportunity to exercise and spend time lying in the shade of the beautiful trees.

What is your favorite amenity at Royal Park?

I have not yet experienced everything that Royal Park has to offer but lazy days at the clubhouse has to be up there. I am very keen to experience an eco-tour of Salazie and to have a trip on the yacht in the beautiful blue Indian ocean.

What is your role at Royal Park?

My main roles are to drive sales by increasing brand awareness and perception and driving the right exposure. However, a big part of my role is to connect with the current residents and owners to make sure that we are doing our part to make them feel at home in the project. We are in a difficult transition period having only a few homes delivered, and we have a newly established and growing team which has to learn a lot about how to effectively manage all aspects of the community from maintenance to improvement and to come up with innovative ideas of how to make the community a place where its residents love to be. This period will pass, and we will move into a period where the level of service and our level of understanding and experience is at a place

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