Highlights on endemic flora

Royal Park stands out as a unique estate with its landscaped park around which villas and apartments have been built. Conceived and created by the famous landscape architect Colin Okashimo, this 10-hectare park includes about twenty endemic species of Mauritius and Mascarenes, water features and sculptures. Turtle Bay in Balaclava, which is not only an historical place of the Dutch colonization but also one of the first regions that has been exploited for its ebony. Therefore, the Ebénier of Ile aux Aigrettes can be finding in the park.

You will also discover various species of latanier (Latania), whose leaves were used by the Dutch to build their huts but also plants such as Calliandra, Pennisetum, Samamnea. Hills with breathtaking views of the mountain range, artificial water features with small islands, Japanese gardens, everything has been designed to make this park a place of relaxation and well-being. Yoga lovers will find their happiness.

With nearly 500 trees, 175 different palms and more than 30,000 decorative shrubs, Royal Park has achieved its goal by replacing this unique flora that once was abundant in the region of Balaclava. Exotic place and ideal for a family walk, a morning jog, a picnic or place of contemplation, the park pays tribute to the endemic flora and welcomes partridges and cardinals who have taken up residence in the trees by gratifying the visitors by their presence.

Birth of a new ecosystem in the middle Royal Park’s estate.

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