Kick-Boxing at Club House

Enjoy private or group Kick-boxing lessons at our fitness center. Defend yourself, refine and muscle your body shape, these are some of the advantages of this discipline coming straight from the United States which has known a wide success We have met Feroz, specialist in kick boxing and the gym instructor, he tells us more about this practice.

What is kickboxing?

Kickboxing is above all a modern fighting sport inspired by both English and French boxing. It differs from these other two types of boxing as you can use your foot, originally coming from the English word "kick”. Feroz prefers to teach Thai kick-boxing: "Thai Kick-boxing is more complete because we can also use knees and elbows which allow the body to work completely."

Some tips for better results: "Breathing is vital: it allows you to better control your energy. In addition, it is essential to drink well before and after training, and to practice stretching to avoid stiffness."

What are the benefits?

Kickboxing allows you to know the basics of self-defense. In each class, the coach will test your reflexes through a simulated attack. It burns fat and tones your muscles. While combining martial arts techniques and cardiovascular exercises, kickboxing is an activity that requires a lot of energy and therefore burns calories. It also tones all your muscles as the whole body is active.

It relieves stress

There is nothing better than kick-boxing to release and evacuate frustrations and anger. It will have a good impact on your sleep and improve your lucidity. "It's a sport that uses a lot of energy and a good way to let go."

How to practice kick-boxing?

Anyone can practice this sport: “Each course is adapted to the profile of each client. Trainings are personalized for a better performance" If you are interested in practicing kickboxing, all you have to do is register yourself. Feroz will be happy to answer your questions. We invite you to come and meet him at the Club House.

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