12 March 1968, a date engraved in the history of Mauritius. An official ceremony marking the end of the British occupation and the birth of a young nation whose future turned out to be prosperous and brilliant. On that day, pride and patriotism invade thousands of people. For the first time, the Mauritians all gathered at the Champ de Mars were singing the words of 'Motherland', national anthem, while the four-color flag floats in the sky. Who wrote the words of this national anthem that has been heard more than once? A Mauritian poet, born in 1933, student at ‘La Sorbonne’ university. Jean-Georges Prosper went down in history by writing the text of this hymn, originally a long poem.

Writer and author of several literary works Jean-Georges Prosper is always touched when he hears this national song and proud to have contributed partly to the development of the Mauritian nation. Commonly called 'The Four Bands', the national flag is composed of four horizontal stripes: red, blue, yellow and green, each with a different interpretation that can be easily be found at Royal Park. Red like the flamboyant flowers lining the entrance of the estate, Blue like the Indian Ocean that can be seen from the rooftops of Mascarene, Yellow like the light and the golden beach of the R Beach Club. Green like the lush nature of the park located in the middle of the estate.

Indelible symbolic colors!

Mauritius Flag
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