Deer Watching

A passion for hunting

A small historical review: the deer of Java was introduced on the island by the Dutch in the 17th century and since then has had an important place in the life of the Mauritians. The hunting reserves, as well as Salazie are located mainly inland the primary forests and are part of the landscapes of the island. Moreover, venison meat is very popular and is often cooked by the Mauritians mainly the Venison curry or salmi and the famous savory Venison Burger which is available at the Club House restaurant.

These mammals live in their natural state in the reserves and the island has about fifty hunting reserves and 70000 deer. Although some people think that hunting is cruel, it is important to know that it is practiced with respect of the environment and the animal. Indeed, June is a good time for the beginning of the hunt because the antlers of the male deer have already regrown, and the fawns are big enough to defend themselves. There are two types of hunting in Mauritius, the first most commonly practiced, which is "the traditional hunting", which consists of placing hunters in very specific places called "chutes". The second is walk and stalk hunting where the hunter tracks the animal chosen.

In Salazie, 9 hunting days are planned for the season 2018. After the morning coffee, hot pastries and the famous draw hoping to have the best “chutes “, the hunting director explains the flow of the day and reminds all safety instructions. But the most awaited moment for the hunter is the announcement of the quota being allocated. This quota is the number of deer allowed to be shot and failure to comply with this regulation may result in fines for the hunters.

In most hunting reserves like in Salazie, the hunt ends around noon and is followed by a lunch prepared by our Chef, in a warm and festive atmosphere where everyone shares his adventures. Among those who are lucky enough to have a trophy ( gros cerf ) and those who missed their shot, the anecdotes are numerous and are shared till the sunset around a camp fire.

For fans or novices, our nature reserve in Salazie, via R Discovery, offers hunting packages and initiations where you will be accompanied by a guide. Our team can also arrange for obtaining temporary hunting licenses for those who wish and will make you live a unique moment while discovering the flora and fauna of Mauritius R Discovery also offers you the opportunity to participate in hunts in other grounds and to hunt small game such as pheasant and quail. Furthermore, it is essential that the hunter has a rifle and / or hunting license from his country of origin.

Hunting is above all a moment of pleasure that can be shared with friends but also with family. For more information and reservations, kindly contact the Concierge desk who will be happy to assist.

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