Venison: a meat appreciated by all Mauritians

At the approach of winter, the opening of the hunt marks the arrival of venison meat on the stalls and a selection of meals in the plates for the pleasure of everyone. Stewed, baked, grilled or burger, the deer, considered the king of game, offers a thin, lean and tasty meat and is very popular to gourmets.

With much less fat than beef, deer meat has very few calories and is a good source of protein. Tender and fragrant, it is ideal for festive meals because it can be prepared in advance to make the most of your guests. At the Club House, our Chef will make you discover and taste the culinary flavours around the venison. He gives us one of his recipes: "Dry Deer Curry", usually accompanied by rice, grains and hachards. We invite you to try it at home but also at the Club House restaurant.


600 gms venison fillet

2 teaspoons.Crushed garlic and ginger

Onions -50 gms

Fried onions-100 gms

Ground pepper-5 gms

Garam Massala spices-10 gms

Tomatoes -100 gms

Oil-20 cl

Sultana raisins-100 gms

Dried coconut-50 gms

Croutons-50 gms

Peanuts-20 gms

Coriander-15 gms

Salt-2-3 gms

Curcumin-10 gms

« Curry poulet » leaves – 6


Marinate the meat cut into cubes with garlic, ginger and pepper, garam masala, curcumin and salt

Leave for about 2 hours

Stir onions until brown and add the curry leaves, and the meat

Cover the pot and leave it to simmer for one hour

In the meantime, check from time to time and add water if needed

Add the tomatoes cut into cubes

Taste and add salt if necessary

Before serving, add the peanuts, fried onions, coconut, raisins, croutons and coriander as the final touch

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