Why acquire a property in Mauritius?

Let your mind wander and imagine…

A luxurious villa on a piece of paradise, surrounded by the tropical azure waters of the Indian Ocean – but more specifically, on the exotic island of Mauritius. To wake up and enjoy breakfast with family and friends under the warm sun by the swimming pool with views of the sea in the background, illuminated by the first rays of sunlight. To spend your days relaxing on the beach and later retreating to the shade of palm trees where you can enjoy long lunches and indulge in the delights that Mauritian cuisine has to offer. After an afternoon nap, freshly picked teas will make for a refreshing scented drink and in the evening, to enjoy a fiery sunset lightening up the darkening sky above the lagoon.

This will be just a normal day spent at your seamlessly designed villa on the beautiful island of Mauritius, which has been perfectly equipped and furnished with taste and refinement, down to the smallest detail. This unique residential resort overlooking the bay of Balaclava comes with clubhouse, spa, tennis and beach club, all providing for the perfect getaway. This is what Royal Park offers…

Why Mauritius?

Mauritius is one of the most popular countries for foreigners looking to buy a second home. With its beautiful landscape, the island is, literally, a magnet for high-wealth individuals. The island offers great tax benefits, a good education system and benefits from a low crime rate. The excellent climate, exotic beaches and good flight connections add to the attraction of the island. Its main languages are English and French making it a convenient destination for European expats or investors wanting to flock over to this wonderful island. In addition, there’s a well-developed healthcare system, so foreigners are assured of a high standard of medical treatment in case of an emergency.

Mauritius is, without doubt, THE picture-post-card-perfect tropical island, only 61 kilometers long and 47 kilometers wide, and surrounded by a coral reef. Everything is within in your vicinity wherever you are on the island. Its government is one of the most stable and progressive in Africa and has been introducing deliberate and very successful policies to diversify the economy and attract foreign investment.

Are you still hesitating to come over to Mauritius?

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